We have a tradition in our family that when one our children graduates from college we take a family trip to somewhere in the world. Ideally, places that will expose us all to something new and expand our collective experience.

Our youngest graduated in June and in December we all, nine of us now with significant others and a grandchild, planned a trip to Antarctica. After a year long process of making plans, getting time off from work and building up our knowledge of the area, we where told, two weeks before departure, that the ship we were booked to cruise on had had a fire and was no longer seaworthy. They suggested re-booking in the next year. After a year of planning that just wasn't going to happen.

We said that we are going to be in Ushuaia, Argentina on a certain date and that we had rented a house in Buenos Aires a week and half later where we would celebrate Christmas. So, now we need to fill in the gap with a different and wonderful experience. What resulted was a beautiful cruise through the Beagle Channel to see the fjords of Chile, a circumnavigation of Cape Horn, a few days in the lakes district of Argentina, and Christmas in Buenos Aires.

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