The Process


Every year, I go on journeys throughout the world to make photographs of sites and cultures I want to learn more about.  Making photographs helps me learn. It slows me down and causes me to pay attention to my surroundings; to see what is there, who is there and to appreciate "Place".

With each new collection of photos I organize, edit, re-edit, let the whole thing sit for a while and, then, re-edit again. To me it's an interesting and important process. Letting the images age and mature in my mind allows for rediscovery and an ever changing appreciation.

Today's edit will be different than tomorrow's.



The Products


Many of the images that emerge from the process become fine art prints that are exhibited in galleries and published in magazines. The goal of WhitePinePrints is to use these images in products that are of practical use and are, most importantly, affordable.

Since the first Desktop Calendar published in 2005 there have been twenty calendars with 240 images. This year, for the first time, we are offering small prints at affordable pricing in an effort to share the experience. Also, new for this year are wallpapers for iPhones and iPads.

All of the products are processed, printed, cut, assembled and shipped from my studio in Afton, Minnesota.