The WhitePinePrints Story


Organized in January of 2005, WhitePinePrints was established to produce products that incorporate Chuck Koosmann's fine art photography. It began by making small desktop calendars and now includes small prints and wallpapers for mobile devices.

The goal is to produce beautiful products that are both functional and affordable.



The Founder


Chuck Koosmann, a retired architect, learned to appreciate photography in architecture school. As it did then, photography helps him to slow down, pay attention to his surroundings and appreciate the context and culture of the "place".

He has traveled around the world to many familiar places like; London, Paris and Prague; to several more exotic places like; Mongolia, Patagonia, the Seychelles and small villages in southern China; to mention a few.

"To see the world and its people is a wonderful thing." - Chuck Koosmann